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by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy
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Subject (matter): Occult book based on demonology Author: Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy Illustrator: Louis Le Breton There is already an archive in place, but you can never get enough archives these days. This text is supposedly the 1863 edition (the edition w/ illustrations [I love illustrations!]), currently archived in "Source: / Bibliotheque nationale de France" (sounds municipal) and now archived in I would like to thank for its...
Topics: Bibliotheque nationale de France, Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy, Louis Le Breton,...
The VHS Vault
by Pickwick Video
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Released in United Kingdom by Pickwick Video Group in 1982 on behalf of Screen Legends and Longman Video. Sung and Told by Isla St Clair, Floella Benjamin, Mike Berry, Martin Carthy, Valentine Dyall and Children of Britannia Row. Seventy of the best known nursery rhymes come to life in the colourful hour of song and dance - a moving world of nursery rhymes characters, children, puppets and animals in a fairy tale setting. For more information about this video, click on the following link:...
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Topics: Nursery Rhymes, 70 Golden Nursery Rhymes, Pickwick Video, Longman Video, Screen Legends, VHS,...
Feature Films
by Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T.)
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Title: The Blue Parrot Summary: A London Soho nightclub is the focus for an undercover investigation into the murder of a small-time crook. Directed by: John Harlow Actors: Dermot Walsh, Jacqueline Hill, Ballard Berkeley Production Company: Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T.) Release Date: October 1953 (UK) Aspect Ratio: 1.37 : 1 A British film noir featuring John Le Mesurier giving a superbly understated performance in, for him, a non-typical role as a shady Soho nightclub owner. The...
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Topics: Crime, Drama